Central Station Remote Video Monitoring

Advanced I-View Now Remote Video Monitoring

Viewing cameras on a Smart phone has become a widespread standard. Advanced Electric & Alarm Systems, Inc. has taken it a step further by now providing Real time Camera Surveillance Video Monitoring Services. The all new Advanced I-View Now provides a necessary bridge between intrusion alarms and "CCTV" video systems. Professionally monitored security systems can now include video verification and remote video monitoring services through the Advanced Alarm Monitoring Center.

I-View Now is an award-winning cloud based central station video interface used to verify video alarms during the dispatch process and reduce false alarms, increasing apprehensions while using off the shelf security and video products. Advanced now integrates these outstanding services with new and existing Intrusion and video surveillance systems. (Note: Various equipment upgrades may be necessary and monthly fees apply.) Interactive video surveillance monitoring provides a value-added and highly effective addition to basic video surveillance systems.

Historically video surveillance has been used in a reactive way after an incident occurred. Security officials, administrators or the authorities typically would research video footage to investigate past events. Now with Interactive video surveillance monitoring, real-time support is available in assessing the situation, contacting the authorities, and standing by through an event resolution. The Central Station can provide valuable information to police departments and or security personnel. Advanced I-View now can provide remote "eyes" on the site when the alarm system is triggered. Additional services include Remote Video Guard tours, customized to meet the end users requests.

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