Wireless Intrusion Detection that sends a Video Clip for dispatch Verification

Technology advancements and reduced costs are helping video verified alarm systems to penetrate the security marketplace. "Video Verification" is the use of Captured Video or Real-time surveillance in which the recorded video clips are then transmitted to the Central Station Monitoring Center, and are aligned with the action that initiated an alarm event. What is important is that the video seen by the operator is triggered by an actual alarm event, such as motion detection, glass breakage or a panic alarm. Because the Videofied system is Wireless and Battery powered it is a cost-effective security solution to install for many applications. Videofied incorporates both indoor and outdoor PIR motion viewers with built in IR illumination for day/night video capability, so is suited to an exceptionally wide range of environments, including temporary applications, such as Construction Sites, Contractor Trailers, and Vacant Properties towing storage Yards, Roof Tops, HVAC equipment, Mining operations and Mini Storage facilities.

Copper Theft the Growing Epidemic Unfortunately Copper Theft has become a growing epidemic, while the dollar value of the copper stolen is not always an enormous amount, the damages caused are substantial. It is predicted in the U.S. over the next year the costs will exceed 1 billion dollars for Copper Theft, damages and loss Revenue as a direct result of Copper theft alone. Advanced Electric and Alarm Systems, offer a variety of security solutions to alert the authorities of a crime in progress and to help reduce theft.

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